Mothers’ Day

Mother’s Day is not just for women who have given birth or adopted children. Anyone who has loved, cared for, taught or disciplined children, such as teachers, should be able to stand up on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. 

I will admit, I have not liked Mother’s day. I believe that the random wildflowers that I would get off the side of the road for my Aunt was her Mother’s day. The Graduations, the weddings, the birthdays were her days to celebrate Mother’s Day and they did not just come once a year. 

As for us who are unable to bare children, I was reminded once that I have done more “mothering” to many children over my life time and still do. Teachers have the privilege of caring and worrying about children whom they get to return back to their parents. Unfortunately the children tend to forget about the teacher, which is fine when they get to college age (I don’t have the money for tuition, Ha ha). 

I just hope and pray that Mother’s Day is not just that one day during the year when being a mother, grandmother, aunt, or whomever is appreciated. I hope that parents and guardians who are truly there for their children,  get a hug or flowers from their children on any day of the year to mark “mother’s day”.

Happy Mother’s day to all who take care of God’s children.


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  2. I have to tell you, there are teachers I have never forgotten. Sure, there are some who have strayed from my memory. But there are many who really made an impression of me. I am sure that is true in your case, too. We don’t always know who we make an impression on in our lives. Unfortunately, teachers often don’t get the recognition they deserve. What you teach those kids every single day is far more than the subject you are teaching. You are a role model for their lives. And one day they will realize it!


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