Dad’s Side of the Family

On my Dad’s side of the family there were the Lloyd s and the Gardiners.  The Lloyds came from Wales in the 1600’s and settled in the state of Delaware. In my research I discovered a Frank Lloyd who was a Lawyer, a judge, a high circuit judge. I discovered Agustus (Gus) Lloyd who had a pharmacy in Bound Brook, NJ. Found out my Nana’s parents owned a farm down in Woodbury Heights, NJ. 

As for Papa’s family, that has taken me years to discover. I did find out that Papa’s Father was born out of wedlock and back in the 1800’s  and early 1900’s that was not a good thing. Anyway Papa’s father grew up with his grandparents. Then became part of the military and after marrying they moved around a lot. This is where I found out that my Papa was born in Kentucky.  Not sure how he and my Nana met. I do know that they had my dad and my Uncle Lynn. Yes I do have some 1st cousins. They are the only 1st cousins I have. Wendy was the eldest and the 1st to run off to the west and change religions. Scott was next and then Vicki.

The Gardiner family was not very close. My brothers lived with my Nana but my Uncle Lynn just wasn’t a close man. We saw them at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. 

So, that’s the family history. 

See you tomorrow for the next installment on my life in Basking Ridge.