Yes, I’m still Here

No worries, I’m still here. A busy part of the school year has taken my energy and time.  I have gotten back into my exercising.

This was an important part of our growing up. When I first came to Basking Ridge, Judy noticed that just climbing the stairs took my breath away. So, she encouraged me to ride my bike more and be a part of a soccer team. It took a season or two but she noticed a difference. I could run the field without collapsing. I really enjoyed my bike riding.

Now, 30 years later, I find myself out of breath at the end of every winter. So when the weather is not too cold and not too hot, I get on my bike and go 1-3 miles. in a couple of weeks I can run down the cause way without being too winded. It’s also good exercise for my knees.

Then, at night and in the morning I do a few reps with my 10 lb dumb bell. I started at 5 curls for 3 days then 8 for 3 more days until I now do 10 curls two times a day, plus 8 – 10 push ups and stretching. All of this takes less than 20 min. It’s great.

So, we can all learn from our child hood on how to take care of ourselves in our adulthood.