My God Given Fathers

I know, I already talked about my Dad. However, Father’s day is on it’s way and I need to talk about dads and fathers.

I was blessed to know my Dad. Even though, when I knew him he was not the same man that other people new. The dad I knew was protective of me, loved me, and seemed to communicate to me in a way that others could not understand. As much as I loved him and he loved me he could never be the father he wanted to be. He could not be there for us when our mother died. He could not be there when we were sick, sad, or discouraged. I always believed there was a part of him that knew that, and it depressed him.

To be a father, means to be there through it all with and for your child. My brothers proved to be wonderful fathers. I have watched each of them, John, Sparky, and David, become fathers who show love and discipline with God’s guidance . My brother John once said that he learned that a good father is one that keeps asking questions on how to be a better father.

My God given father, whom I call Uncle Michael, was there for me as I grew. He would get me from school when I was sick. He held me when my grandmother died. He did all the things that my Dad wished he could have done. He even walked me down the aisle at my wedding. It was like my Dad chose Michael to kind of be his “stand in”. Just Like Judy was my Mom’s “stand in” .

I always hoped and prayed that none of the children of the  next generation would have to experience life without a parent like my brothers and I had to. My prayers were short lived. In 2011, on Father’s day, my nephew, Willi, was killed at a party. His best friend/ex-wife, was beside herself with grief and the difficult task of telling their daughter, Jamika. Life was so good for their family. Even though they were not married anymore, Willi was still calling and skypeing his daughter and talking to his ex-wife’s new fiancé . They had a great friendship. So, Jamika, lost a father, Jenny lost a best friend, Susan and Sparky lost a son, Siblings lost a brother, and I lost a nephew who thought I was the best because I didn’t care what color his skin was.

Fathers seem to fill that emotional and educational and spiritual need. A Dad is there for diversity. There are so many children who have dads but not fathers. So, many single Mom homes and so many angry young teens. Children need their fathers. Even if you can not live with your child, you can still reach out and talk and be there for them.

Have a wonderful Father’s Day with or without your children. God is the ultimate Father so maybe everyday should be
Father’s Day. Just something to think about.