Quick Thoughts For Fathers


Just some thoughts I had for families with or with out fathers. Some may ask, “where can I turn to become a better father?” “I never had a father, so how can I learn how to grow to be the best man I can be?”

I know a few men who did not have fathers around and grew to become good fathers. One is in the picture to the left of this paragraph. Another 2 or 3 are in the last picture on this blog.



our family 2012

If you have any faith, turn to your pastor or faith leader. They should be able to guide you in the right direction. If you don’t have any faith, get some. It’s the only way. If you notice, the best fathers are ones who are a part of a church, a synagog or a mosque. They realize they can only become the best fathers they can be with help outside of themselves. (So, this would exclude any terrorists or satan worshipers since they can think of nothing outside of themselves. )

Another resource would be a movie called “Courageous”. It is a Christian film however it is good and inspiring about how to become a better man and a better father. Also how one selfish action can ruin a life.

I pray that all the fathers who read this will create wonderful memories with their children.


Have a blessed Father’s Day. Make everyday a day to be the best father you can be.