I can look back and see all the different ways I was blessed. I was blessed to have such a big family. I was blessed to have my brothers, all of them. The fate  of my Mom and Dad was a blessing too. All of my life experiences were blessings.

Most people would wonder how 4 miscarriages or my husband losing his 3 fingers or my mom’s death were blessings. Well, it’s like this: If my mom lived we would have had to live with an alcoholic parent, my brothers would have run “amuck” and Lord only knows what would have happened to me.

My husband going through that tragedy of losing his fingers and even now with his dislocated shoulder has actually strengthened our marriage. It shows how strong I am to help him through all this.

And the miscarriages, well with our jobs, it’s better that right now we don’t have any other human beings to care for. Maybe in a few years God will send us a child who is already potty trained to us. But until then, we are fine.

So, I wake up in the morning, kneel on the floor, and give greetings to God. Then thank him for all the blessings from yesterday and pray that today is a good day or just help me get through it.

Always count your blessings. You will soon see that there are more blessings than not.