….The Greatest of These is Love…

 Love comes in all shapes and sizes. With animals it’s easy. Image


They show their affection or rejection right away. God said to love was kind, and patient, not boastful, or jealous. Of course animals can not read the Bible so the jealousy is more like, “what about me?”. 

Now with people love seems to be much more complicated. That whole needing attention and not being alone gets things more complicated. 

Someone suggested I write about the lessons of love that I learned in my life. One of the best loves that I have learned is God’s love. No matter how many times I messed up he still helped me when I needed him.

Another love is the bond between siblings. No matter how far apart we lived and grew, my brothers and I were bonded by God. We each grew up separate but we each followed God, and we each were involved in churches. My brothers have passed this bond to their children and on to the next generation.







The love that you all are waiting for is the romantic love. With guidance and faith and listening more to God, you may not have to live with regrets, but rather, wonderful memories. Image

 My uncle used to tell us all that we had to “kiss a lot of frogs in order to find our prince or princess”.  Advice # 1: don’t take this phrase literally or as a challenge.

There are way too many diseases out there.

No where does it say that one HAS to get married or even HAS to be with anyone. Yes, it is nice and fun. The first person you need to learn to love is yourself and you cannot do that with another human being in the way. Advice # 2: Live alone for 3-5 years before you start living with someone else. Get to know YOU, your faith, your habits, and anything you like and don’t like. Then when the time is right you will know who will want to be with you good or bad. You will know that you want to be with someone of the same faith as you. You will have a firmer foundation for a long term relationship. Plus it will be the last time you get that “me time” with out having to fight for it.  I lived alone for 10 years.

I will tell you tomorrow what I learned. 







One thought on “….The Greatest of These is Love…

  1. Love is befuddling and wonderful and awful and exhilarating and painful and empowering all at the same time. It’s bigger than us and beyond us and yet somehow contained in our hearts .. more than we can bear while often being all that we desire. How is that possible?

    Great blog as always! And “Advice # 1: don’t take this phrase literally or as a challenge. There are way too many diseases out there.” HAHAHAHAHAHA

    I like your humor and hope to see more of it in future blogs!


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