Love is Blind…Well Legally Blind

When I was 4, or so, after my father had his stroke and my mother was experiencing more stress than she had ever had in her life before, I failed school. My brother told me I had to do Kindergarten twice because they discovered I couldn’t see. I had a lazy eye. My mother was ill with her alcoholism so she did the best she could for me. She took me to an eye doctor who put glasses on me then put a patch on my one eye but only for a few months. Then the patch would come off for a year. Then back on etc…… and this happened until I was about 7 when the dr. said that was all he could do. The result of this bad doctoring was a little girl who’s one eye compensated for both and no depth perception. What did you say? That doesn’t sound bad? Listen a little more.

If my mom was not in the situation she was in, and she could have seen that the Doctor was so wrong in the non patch portioning. I am an adult and I have had to work twice as hard at things like driving, miniature golf, and other things that others take for granted. My college boyfriend once was so excited about a surprise he had for me. He brought to the library where they had a special showing of the old stereoscopes. I tried but they meant nothing to me. I could not see the same as he could. I don’t see out of both eyes at the same time like most people. My one eye sees all and my other sees blurry images off to the side. Good only for catching motion not details. The other day I could not tell weather our turkey was in her pen or out. My husband could not believe that I could not see it was in the cage.

My wish is that no other child would have to go through what I have had to. Occupational therapy sessions to train my one eye to do what 2 of them were supposed to do, Not fun at 11 years old. Playing miniature golf and having the WORST score because it takes me 10-14 tries.  Not being able to enjoy 3D like everyone else. Not knowing for sure how far a car is or how fast they are going when I’m at a corner. 

I do have a young cousin who’s parents were diligent and now their daughter who is in college sees with both eyes. Image





Then there is the whole aging thing that is now affecting my one good eye. It looms over me every time things get blurry that if I lose my sight in my good eye (that has probably strained over the years doing the job for 2) I will not be able to drive or to do what I was put on this earth to do, teach. My heart breaks if I think about it. After all I am only 43! I should not have bifocals already, but i do.Image


If anyone has a child who may have this Lazy Eye Myopia, please, if you have the chance to save your child from the heart ache that I have to go through or have gone through as well as the feeling of “deformity” when you know your eye is wondering to the side, Please read up, be diligent with your child, follow through, make sure they wear their patch. Yes there will be whining and crying but  Isn’t their sight worth it? Do you want them to say, “thanks for being so tough” or “why weren’t you more tough? why didn’t you force me to wear the patch?”   The words “Why Didn’t You?” are the worst words a parent could hear from their child. It denotes regret and resentment. You don’t want that. 

So, don’t be blinded by the love you have for your child or your ears. Be like Nike and JUST DO IT!


One thought on “Love is Blind…Well Legally Blind

  1. This was your best blog yet! Absolutely fascinating!

    I too have a lazy eye and a condition that I believe is directly related to it called “Vertical Displacement Disorder” although I have never researched it as much as I probably should. I think you are to be applauded for your many accomplishments and for doing so much good in the world despite your physical issues.

    By the way how about those pictures you’re supposed to stare at until you see an image in them? They were huge for a while in the 90s but they never worked for me at all! Maybe because my eyes just weren’t calibrated right? Do they work for you, if you know what I’m referring to? Just curious!

    By the way, beautiful cousin!


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