Faith is Love; Love is Having Faith

When I was living with my grandparents, the only safe school for this Protestant to attend in a 10 mile radius was a catholic school in South Orange. I was taught that God punished and gave and took etc… So I thought God took my mother away and made my father sick for some good reason.

Fast forward to a night when I had a night mare. I was probably around 13 I guess. I wondered down stairs and my uncle was up doing some paperwork or watching a movie or something.  All I remember is  that at some point I made a comment about how I understood why God took my Mom. My uncle looked at me in shock and said, “Is that what you think, that God took your mother?” I was a little taken back because I thought this man should understand, after all , he was brought up Catholic.  So, I said, “yes,” and he replied, “Melissa, your mother chose to drink. God cried with you when she died. He didn’t take her. He wanted her to make the right decisions but she couldn’t. God didn’t take her. God doesn’t take anybody. That’s why he gave us free will. ”

That made me change my view of God. I understood my mother’s death in a brand new way. I was finally able to get angry at the one who did take my mother away, my mother.  In fact I understood all bad things that happen in a new way. Man is born with an all uphill climb. Constantly fighting the easy way out, the wrong thing to do, the laziness, the greediness, the violence, etc…. Humans need to turn to their faith to fight all of this everyday of their lives and it’s our humanness that gets tired and stops and looks for excuses.  God told the devil to do what he will, the faithful will turn to God. He always loves us so us turning to him is saying that we love him.


So, When someone dies, when we watch the news, or when we get bad news from the doctor, It’s not God doing any of that. Things happen on Earth due to circumstances or do to man and God cries, laughs, suffers with us. Christian, Jewish, whatever you are, you need some type of faith to see you through the good and the bad.

If the only reason you don’t believe in God is because you blame him for all that is wrong on Earth, think again! It’s not him! It’s Man!  or it just happens. Our job is to seek a higher being for guidance on how to get through it. For me that is God. He has been with me through 38 years of  the good, the bad, and the “what the….” .  Faith is Love, and loving someone is saying you have faith in them.

I have more faith stories and experiences but I will save those for another day.


3 thoughts on “Faith is Love; Love is Having Faith

  1. BRAVO! Another provocative and thought inspiring blog! Thank you! Can I share some doubts with you though? No offense meant, of course…these are just my own reservations when it comes to this subject matter.

    If you cannot blame god for what is wrong on earth than you also can’t praise him (her? It?) for what is right. I get a little tired of people overcoming obstacles in their life and then saying it was all because of god. This downplays personal fortitude, individual sacrifice, the strength of our friends and family, etc. To shove that all aside and just say it’s because of some all-powerful deity in the sky seems woefully unfair. And if god laughs, cries and suffers with us than what makes him someone to turn to or to seek guidance from? Looks like we’re all in the same boat and he’s no better off than us!

    Furthermore I have no faith and I haven’ needed it. It’s only me seeing myself through the good and the bad . . . me and the people who care about me the most. It seems to have worked pretty OK these 40 something years. As tough as my life is, a matter of fact, I seem to have had a better go of it than many folks I know who attend church or synagogue regularly! Does that mean anything? Maybe…maybe not…just an interesting side not to make you go “hmm.”

    But at the end of the day it’s all just feelings and “maybes” and “probablys.” Non of it is truly verifiable, measurable, consistent, or capable of being proven. How is one person’s interpretation of god’s intentions or nature any better than mine? It’s all rather ambiguous stuff to build your core beliefs around . . . in my opinion. I understand though that faith has nothing at all to do with logic or proof or hard data and so I must respect religion, yours and my parents and others, but abstain . . . it’s attractive and quick but my answers to life are in science, in the strength of the human spirit, in the power of nature and in the depth of artistic expression. I often see no clear path, I have no one to guide me though it all and I have no guarantees that there is a light at the end of the tunnel . . . and that is why I persevere. Our species thrives when challenged.

    Again, just sharing some of the noise in my heart and head. What a wonderful writer you are to have allowed me to access these ideas and apprehensions and to toss them into the mix. I hope you don’t mind. Thanks! 🙂


    • Remember, that people are in our lives for a reason, that I have witnessed, God only knows. You described things that, I believe, God has given. Human spirit, nature, and individual talents and skills. So essentially with friends like me God is in your life, wether or not you acknowledge him or not. I love you my friend and I pray that in your dark times you remember all this and are able to “find the Light” in your talent, your spirit, and your long time friend (me). God is not to be logicalized.


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