Love is the Common Thread

I know it’s been a while, but I’m back with, in my perspective, good view points I have experienced. One being the answer to the question, what do all humans have in common?

Other than the old, “everyone has to go to the bathroom” adage, there is one thing that the people in China, Russia, Syria, Australia, Africa, Europe, South America, and even at the North pole all have experienced. Imagine that a little over 7 billion people have experienced one common thing which is love.


Before the “doubting Thomas’ ” start arguing, hear me out. Even the most evil of humans have experienced love. They loved themselves and their children. Just being held as a baby by a nurse, one experiences love. Love comes in all shapes, sizes, ways, and emotions. 


I have said that Love is faith and you must have faith to love. You have to believe in others to love them and believe they won’t hurt you. For some of us, love comes as naturally as breathing. So faith is or should be just as natural. Faith in fellow humans and faith in a higher power. For me it was simple. I made my grandmother read the bible story about Jesus walking on water. The book had an illustration of Jesus’ face when he told Peter to come to him on the water. All Peter saw was that face and he could walk on water. Even at 5 I understood that all I had to do was ask for Jesus’ help. So I did. I asked him to help me because I was sad because my mommy was dead and my daddy was in the hospital for life. He has not left me since then.

I now look back at my family to see  their faith. There was evidence that faith was important to my family.  I was told that back in Germany, during the 1500’s one of my relatives had gotten hold of one of the newly translated bibles and stood in the town square reading it aloud for all to hear the word of God. It was against the law to do this and so he was arrested and probably “sent to God”  for his faith.  My grandmother’s grandfather was a pastor. My Grandmother had this little parlor stool in the bathroom with her bible and the daily devotional “The Upper Room”.  My grandfather, who rarely spoke of faith or religion, would cry out to God at the news of his wife’s death. My cousins all attended church and were involved in the church. Prayer circles were created in the church by members of my family. These people were called when prayer was needed and their faith was answered. Children who had tumors, no longer have them. People who were marked to die by doctors, are still alive. 

In my life, Love is the common thread that holds me strong when I am stressed, distraught, hurting, grieving, lost, or just tired. It’s the love from my family, the love from my animals, the love from my friends, and the love from God. 

Can you find that common thread in your family, community, or elsewhere ? Share your thoughts.