Writing Is Love

 I know I have not been writing for a few months and I can only attribute it to lack of time and inspiration. I have been so busy with some other things that it drove all the creativity to a “back room”. However, I am here now and I want to talk about why I write. 

One thing I enjoyed as a child was listening to the stories about the family my grandmother would tell. Stories about how she would go to the family lake house and swim with a garter snake almost every day. Stories that taught lessons like when she put a bonnet on her kitten and tied it too tight. Stories that taught manners like how she learned not to put her elbows on the table …after her father banged her elbow on the table once to drive the lesson home. I inherited these stories and life lessons and they last longer than money. This is why I write. To give children and young adults the inheritance that God wants me to give. I believe I have no children of my own because God wants me to reach more than just  few I would have had. He wants me to tell my stories to the youth I teach and then to write stories that will touch more than the few I have taught. 

So, I have all these stories, some only 5 pages and others are 160 pages. All are fiction and some are just seasoned with real life events. I was told that the goal is to get it all out of my head and on paper. I did and am still trying to find time to continue to write. With blogging I can reach even more children and adults. I pray that my words never offend or hurt but that they give the reader a reason to believe in writing and in their faith. I pray that my faith shows they way God intends it to and that my writing has purpose and may create a new hope of purpose for others.  I pray that a literary agent will see all of this and call me. I pray a publisher will have the wisdom to want books that are helpful yet entertaining for our future children. 


It all comes from the love I have for children, family, and God. So, my writing is  my way of showing love to my “neighbors”. If it is true about how outer beauty reflects the inner beauty of a person, then is it not also true that an enjoyable story/book can show the authors’ hearts?

Writing is love.


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