Personification Short Stories

It’s that time of year.

God said, "write it", so I did.

I told you before that we had a lot of animals here on our 1/2 an acre of land.Image

Well, each type of animal that we have cared for was neat. I could watch them and stories would just bubble up in my head. Around Thanksgiving time, I teach personification in fiction to my students then have them create a story using turkeys as their characters. I show them examples that I have written and each year i create a different story. So, without further ado here is the last one I did. 

The Compromise


Abby sat on the porch, safe from the craziness that Buster was causing, yet again. She just shook her feline head, as she watched the 2 year old dog chase Tom and Tabitha Turkey around the yard and up into the trees.

“Abby?” said a small voice from on top of  the table. 


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