Thankfulness Is An Everyday Event

Image Thanksgiving brings out the “what are you thankful for?” thoughts. People on Facebook post what they are thankful for each day during the month of November. That’s 30 things people are thankful for. I can’t help but think, why are they doing that? I am thankful that I am not doing that. It’s hard enough to keep up with the blogs let alone feel obligated to shout to the world what I am thankful for , for 30 days straight. Shouldn’t we be showing our thankfulness every day and at the moment it happens?  I am also thankful that I don’t shout it out to the world every second I am thankful for someone or something because I would lose the few followers I have been blessed with.

It is good to share with each other what we are thankful for but to do it too far after the fact sometimes is meaningless unless it is a memory like the picture above, when my brother spent a Thanksgiving with me.     I try to say thank you and show appreciation  when people do anything for me. When the counselors make lunch and ask me if I want something, when my family and friends clip and send Box Tops for Education for my youth, BTFE_Logowhen someone holds a door open for me, when my nephews and nieces send us pictures showing they are thinking of me, when I get a random text from a niece just to say hi or I love you. It’s in those moments I tell the person they are wonderful and thank you for just thinking about me.

our family 2012 I pray I have shown how thankful I am to all my family and friends. Sparkys family         If I  have not I pray God will tell me who I have offended and how I can show them that I am thankful.      Sometimes just saying thank you isn’t enough and it becomes meaningless if one does not show an action making the thankfulness a little more tangible. A card just when someone needs it, a phone call, a hug, a compliment, washing dishes,  just taking 5 min out of your busy day to autograph a picture or write a note to a fan or to a celebrity who touches lives, or just send a private message on Facebook to tell someone that you are thankful  for them.  Just put it on your daily “to do list” : After # 2 “cook dinner” and before #8  “must get to next level on candy crush” .

I also am thankful for all of you who read these.  ( yes even the NSA and FBI)  I thank God for blessing me with such a diverse audience for my blogs. I have Christians and non Christians, Computer worshipers and artists, published authors and young writers, educators and students, Aussies, Asians, Europeans, and Americans. 30 followers and growing is more than I ever thought would want to read about my babblings.  It’s the fans that help build my purpose on this earth. I pray I have a positive influence on all who read them. Maybe someone will not do a violent act because of one thing I wrote.

So Thank you all for reading and learning from my life.  When I reach 10,000 followers or hits I will start a fan page on Facebook.  Remember that if anyone has any questions or comments feel free to contact me one way shape or another.



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