Why Should We Love God?

Well, here is a thought. You tell your child or student or niece/nephew to do something and instead of just saying, ‘yes ‘ and doing it they ask “why?” Of course your answer is “because I said so”.  Those of us who believe in God/Allah/ Yaweh sometimes are like children. So here is something that Dr. Charles Stanley from In Touch Ministries pointed out in a sermon. I added some comments to help elaborate on the lists. Let me know what you think.



Why don’t people love God?

  1. They don’t know him
  2. They fear him
  3. They are uncomfortable with him
  4. They would have to change things in their lives
  5. It inhibits people’s conduct
  6. It makes them feel unsure about their future and their death
  7. Due to circumstances in life or in the world, questions of why does God allow things to happen.

There are some things that we, as humans, don’t need to know the “why” to just like children don’t need to always know “why” you tell them to clean or to apologize or to follow instructions. Children should just do as their parents tell them to just as we should just obey God. What we expect from our children, God expects from us.

Image Stop blaming God for Man’s blunders and problems and tragedies.

People should understand that God’s love doesn’t stop sin or human will. Bad things will always happen on this Earth. It’s how we react to it that will show our integrity, faith and love to God.

When we express our love to God we are giving ourselves to him completely so we can serve him wholly.

You know you love God because….

  1. You will want to obey him
  2. You will want to serve him
  3. You will want to share him with others
  4. You will trust him
  5. You will want to worship him
  6. You will want to give to him
  7. You will want and automatically defend him
  8. You will want to meditate on his word
  9. You will be willing to suffer for him

If suffering means getting picked on as a kid for going to church/synagogue regularly and enjoying youth fellowship, putting a cross on your high school ring, or being called “religious” in a way that makes it sound bad…. then I have suffered and survived with little to no scars from it. Let the children and others see that the suffering we endure is a grain of sand compared to what Christ went through for billions of people on this earth.

Jesus was asked what the most important commandment was and he answered, the 2 most important commandments are  : Love the lord your God with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind. The other one is : You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

Matthew 22:34-40

“What has God ever done for me?” Why should anyone love God?

  1. He Created us
  2. He sent Jesus into the world to reveal himself to us.
  3. He allowed his only begotten son to be tortured and crucified.
  4. His Commitments to us, which include:

-He will never leave us

-He supplies all our needs

-He answers our prayers

  • He forgives our sins
  • He gives us spiritual gifts
  • He fills us with the Holy Spirit
  • He has prepared a place in heaven for us
  • He is going to give us a resurrected body

5. We have created a personal relationship with him and his son.

If you live out your day doing his purpose, his will, and doing as he would do, you would be more like Christ than most because expressing the heart of God shows love. Jesus is Love.