Christmas Means What?



      For my animals Christmas means posing for pictures and getting caught sleeping in others. Image They do enjoy the new and different smells that we as humans can’t.   Which explains the attraction to a fresh Christmas tree by cats. Image To me it means I get to decorate! Well that’s just the fun part of Christmas, putting the village together every year and doing the advent calendar and the ornaments. Making the dog pose for the picture and the years of making my Jack Russell pose. 

Christmas means memories, happy and sad. All the memories created with loved ones make me happy. The fact that many are no longer here to create more, makes me a little sad. Some have passed on such as my Kibbie. Image  Image       Every year she would put up with my craziness and pose for the camera for over 16 years!  Image  Image  Image  

Ok enough about her, we have lost others like my Aunt Kathleen. She was so sweet and boy could she cook. Loved her Manhattan Clam chowder, stuffed shells, etc… She would call at least once a month and send cards on all the holidays. I love to watch her and her brother (my uncle) dance. “Well, dear what are you going to do? just thank God for good health and that you can pay your bills.” she would say. (sniffle) I do miss our talks  ImageImage I miss her cards and her voice and I will miss the cookies at Christmas.  

Enough Sad stuff, now Christmas means children. It’s great to watch them open their presents and scream out what they got. Adults do it too. I think it’s the one day we all seem to be about the same maturity age. 

So what does Christmas mean to you? I wish everyone could have some type of Christmas. There are some who don’t have any. It is a day set aside to celebrate the life of a child who saved us from sin (not me the other one) It is a day to spend with family and a great excuse to eat whatever.  

I can tell you that it does not mean the most expensive gifts, it is not the most lights and largest light shows, and it is not forgetting others. It should mean giving your heart to relatives, friends and maybe a stranger or two. 

Let us know what you find out.