Part 1: It Only Takes One Person

It only takes one person, one moment, one word/sentence/phrase, one thought,  one action or reaction.  It only takes one to make a difference, good or bad. I have plenty of examples of these in my life so, I will be doing a series of this topic : “It Only Takes One”.  I pray that I can convey how just one person can do one thing or say one thing that can influence others, either negatively or positively, and how we can handle that through any faith.

Teaching sign      Remember, that I write from my view, my faith, my experiences and that I only want people to take from my writings what may help them. I am a teacher to the core and just hope that what I can teach outside of academics can be a positive influence to my readers.

I encourage you to also read other influential blogs such as Evan Sanders’ “The Better Man Project”. He is just one person who writes inspiring articles and poetry.  Frankly,  I look like chump change compared to his 18, 600+ followers. He is humble and spiritual in such a universal way…. well, you just have to read him. There are many writers  you can find through here, that I follow, who write very inspirational blogs.  I encourage you to find them and read them also.

Think about all the examples of just one person having an influence on others, either positive or negative. Of course we don’t want to stay on the negative, but it still shows how it just takes one person.  Let’s start with positive examples from the bible.

Daniel who stood for his convictions and did not let a king sway him from his diet or his faith. His actions influenced his companions and they too kept to the diet and their faith. God saw this and protected them when they needed it like when Daniel was put into a Lion’s den or when Meshack, Shadrack, and Abendigo were put into the furnace, God protected them.

How about Ruth? She had great influence on her daughter in law by showing strength. Of course there is Mary, just a girl with a huge amount of faith. Just one person chosen to give birth to one person who would rock the world for thousands of years.

reflection of cross in eye

          Now there’s also the other side of this theory.  It only took one person to betray Jesus. It only took one person to mastermind a plan to put people to death because they were not perfect. It only took one person to pull a trigger to kill great positive influential people like John Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, etc….. It only took one person to say something mean to a child for that child to learn hatred and anger. It only took one person to send a card to another to put a smile on a face. It only took one person to listen while another talked. It only took one person to text, “I love you” to a parent, a child, or a relative they have not spoken to in a long time.

One kind act or word will change a life

In 1978 civil war broke out in, what was a democratic country, Cambodia. A young boy of 9 saw the article in the time magazine and asked his parents about it. They explained how people were fighting for their country and government and yes some innocent people may be killed. The boy innocently looked at his parents and asked ” So, what are we doing about it?” This one boy, influenced his parents to go to their church and ask the same question. In 1980, that church made it possible for a young couple from Cambodia to come to the US.

The world is changed by

There is this idea that one person doesn’t matter but I just showed you a tiny example of how it only takes one person to have an impact, small or large, negative or positive, on others. A mom, a dad, a brother, a sister, an aunt, an uncle, a cousin, a teacher, a stranger, a writer, an agent,  can all make an impression on a person. They all have a chance, every day, to make positive influences on others. They can change lives and not even know it.

Your challenge is to write down for a week or two: Who positively affected you?  What did you do each day to help or positively affect others?     It could be that you disciplined your child for sagging pants or that you showed your child how to volunteer for the food bank….  Then come back and share with us how it only took you to do something positive to affect someone else. 

Here’s an example from my week. I was out sick on Monday and when I got back to work on tuesday there was a hand made card on my desk. One of my 8 students had created it and asked others to sign it. Inside she wrote a very nice free verse poem:

“I feel the pain you go through,  When people disrespect you. It’s hard and tough but just the of pink fluffy bunnies, just like you taught me.  You’re very nice and sweet and you changed my life completely. I appreciate the hard work you’ve done, I missed you and hope you get better soon!”

WOW! I never thought I could affect a child like this. All I aim to do is to teach them how to survive school  so when they leave me and return to the places they had problems in they can succeed.  Most students barely remember me. I must have made an impression.   I  Thank God for guiding my words so I can help children.

I look forward to reading your findings!