About Me, myself and this blog

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About Me, myself and this blog.


Part 2: It Only Takes One Choice

Integrity-doing the right thing

In this series I want to show how it only takes one person, one choice, one word to make a difference wether it be bad or good.

Choosing how we view the day when we wake up, choosing to eat breakfast or not, choosing to go 10 or 20 miles an hour over the speed limit or not, choosing to stay mad or not, choosing to take an opportunity that is given to you, choosing to create good memories…. I could go on. The point is we make many choices throughout the day.

Your decision sign

In the beginning humans were given free will by God. He wanted us to be able to make the choice to go to him freely. In a time many years ago, a little girl who only heard stories about Jesus and God, sat up one night in her bed and started to cry. She realized she was not going to have her mother or her father. She cried for Jesus to help her. She made a choice. Ok ok, the little girl was me.

It seems to me that the most difficult choice people have is how to react to anything. We need to choose a reaction on how we feel or how God wants us to react. Anger may release emotions but it never solves the overall problems.

Don't give up...

I made a choice as child to ask jesus to help me. So, God sent many people into my life to help me and teach me how God wanted me to react to things like death, disappointment, discipline, frustration, and bullying. My family taught me compassion and emotional release. My church taught me how to keep turning to God. My brother taught me to forgive 7 x 70 times because people will always disappoint and yes words hurt but a wrong reaction would hurt worse.

It only takes one bad choice to affect your life or others. It only takes one choice to do the right thing to affect your life or others.

I make a choice everyday to work on the things that fulfill God’s Will for me on the Earth. If it is God’s Will for me to teach I need to do all the things that are required for that. If it is God’s will for me to write then I pray for his guidance in that.

What choices do you make?  What is just one choice you need to make everyday?