Part 3 : It Only Takes One: Step



When I started this blog I said this was going to be about my life and my thoughts.  I took a step of faith to start this blog. Faith, not only that God wanted me to reach more people, but faith in my self that my writing could attract readers.So, readers, how am I doing? God has plans for U

I do tend to get distracted but it’s a good distraction because my life happens to involve my faith in a big way. I don’t now where I would be without Jesus, God, or my faith. I look back at my life and see things that don’t happen with people who have no faith. I can see how God worked in my life. How he has guided me from place to place, job to job, and all so I could have all the skills and insight needed to teach the youth I teach now.


If I didn’t have faith, maybe I would not have been able to hear God say, ” you will teach”, “stay in private schools”, “be observant”, “shed light on the dark”, “write about it”, “just write” etc…. These mean nothing to you but they were very important at certain times in my life. Of course the first and last ones are always being heard.

Im still working on you-God

Hearing God is more like having an authoritative inspiration, not only in your head but you can feel it too. We all get ideas that pop in our head like topics for blogs or how to fix something. God’s voice is different. It’s a calm confident voice you get in your head but you can feel it from your soul. It’s that “you just know” feeling. You just know this is the right thing to do, even when everybody around you thinks your nuts. You just know what you were put on earth to do. You just know who you will spend the rest of your life with. You just know you need to reach out to someone.

They have done studies that show that people who have a positive faith are less likely to suffer from severe depression.  In fact there was a study in 2008 that showed people who had faith and were involved in worship were happier than any anti-theists. In fact it showed that the anti-theists suffered more psychological damage from divorces and deaths than People of faith.

So, take a moment and try to listen for God’s voice. God is there. You may not hear him right away, it may take the “10 days for delivery”, and it may not be what you expected. However if in your prayer, each of those 10 days, you let God know you are willing to hear him, and want to hear him, you will, and when it happens you will just know!

If you have faith, you will just know that God is there guiding you, protecting you, and empowering you with the holy spirit to do his will here on Earth. If you don’t have faith, I suggest you get some. Don’t get the cheap stuff like the fanatics, but get the positive uplifting faith that you will feel when you enter the place you worship. You will just know!