The Gift of Love

I liked this one I wrote last year. It shows the real focus.

Our Life Is Not Ours, It's God's

EarthGiftWhat was the first gift given to humans?  Many say it was love which is a great answer but take a look at Genesis (in the bible or Torah) and you will see  in Genesis 1: 29-30 it was things of this earth so we could live.  God gave us what we needed to live and prosper on this earth. It was us humans that messed it up.

Giving gifts has been a tradition since Earth was created. God gave humans plants and animals. Eve gave Adam an apple which has given the rest of the human generations,  for tens of thousands of years,  headaches and heartaches.  1 his presence by jeremy winborg portrait of mary and the baby jesus oil painting nativity Then came the first gift of Christmas which was love in the form of a baby.  In a little stable or cave when there was no Fabreeze to cover the lovely oder of the cows, donkey, goats, and chickens. God loved humans…

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