Life on a Rural Half Acre: The Year In Review

The land that may have been forgotten,+NC/@36.0292779,-77.0049447,8z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x89afa3ca27a02cb3:0x4ee346fe7765ab49 Another year down here in the Northeast corner of North Carolina has come and gone. We had one snow in late January. Lots of rain in February. Many other things happened too like going places, losing pets, and things. But God saw us through it all. In March, we went to New Bern for our Anniversary. It is a nice town where a Pharmacist had come up with the drink called Pepsi. Pepsi It was the capital of the state way back in….the 1700’s. The town was founded by a man from Bern, Switzerland and thus New Bern was founded in 1710.  Now the main center of government was located north of here in Albemarle area ( I believe it was the town where I work, Edenton, NC). In 1747, the Assembly was convinced to make New Bern the official Capital.  There was no headquarters so Governor Tryon set out to build a headquarters fit for a king and thus in 1767 Tryon Palace was built and completed in 3 years. A year later Tryon moved to become the “royal governor of New York”. There were various wars and financial set backs that you can read about  if you google “New Bern history” so I won’t bore you with any more details. Just know that there were bears to take pictures of,  New Bern Bear

Elvis knows where to rock.

Elvis knows where to rock.

a firehouse museum   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and  enough to see in a day or two.


In April, our six year old tabby, Samba, came inside breathing oddly. I thought he had a cold and would sleep it off for the day. By 9pm I was concerned since he (who lives for food) did not eat, refused anything I offered. It was Sunday and no vets are open on the weekends out in the boondox.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Someone on Facebook said if I called one of the vets they may be willing to meet me in an emergency but I would have to pay. I thought about it for a while and kept praying for something….I transferred money from savings and made the call about 11… I wrapped up the cat and walked out to the car with him, he convulsed, spit up liquid and went limp. I was now “the other hysterical person”. I brought him back to the porch, crying, and started to pump his little chest and just as I was about to tell the vet I wasn’t coming, he took a breath. I hung up the phone, ran to the car  and put him in the seat next to me. I drove 10 miles an hour over the limit and he meowed and cried to me the whole time. We talked and talked for the 20 min. drive. I was 500- 1000 feet from the driveway and the vet had just pulled in. “see Samba we are …” nothing… I steered with one hand and pumped his chest with the other saying, “you are too young, you can’t leave me! come on Samba, fight!’ Screeching to a halt, I threw the car to park, ran to the other side of the car to grab him, as the vet was punching the security code. ” he just stopped breathing again!” Ran him inside put him on the table she listened, she pumped, she  listened , the put a needle in him to check for liquids… There was nothing left to do… he was gone. The vet said that he went so quickly there was nothing else I could have done. Small Solace as I cried and held my buddy wrapped in a towel and walked out. I love hard so I hurt big…. Bruce buried him the next day after he came back from working a 24 hour shift.

We moved on, and April turned to May OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  and May turned to JuneJune garden. We planted our gardens and cared for the turkeys. We played with our dog and coddled our one cat, BlackJack. Then one night, on Facebook, a friend posted this face…. Sammy at Lindsey's      and said she couldn’t keep the kitten. The husband had said no more cats. So, I just scrolled on.

One week later he says, “I’m going to go pick up that kitten tomorrow, get the cage ready by the time I get home.  When this little one showed up there was a chunk out of the ear, the tail was bobbed and it had a limp. We thought it was a boy so we named him Samson, for the strength of going through what ever it went through. A few days later, my husband came back from the vet said we will call HER Sammy. The limp was a deformation of the hips and otherwise she was fine. She has grown into an 8 month old fluffy cutie pie. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So, this has been yet another year of ups and downs and fluffy curveballs.

Christmas came and now is gone. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnly a few ornaments were victims to Sammy’s playfulness.

Our “stocking graveyard” is growing. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

God has blessed us time and time again. I pray he keeps it up for we are just the caretakers of this little part of His earth.