Some Teens May be Interested

I need to refresh these so more people can read and tell me what they think.

God said, "write it", so I did.

I was given an assignment once to choose an illustration and write a story. Well, there was a picture of 2 teens in line to get on a traveling bus. So, I started getting a story in my head and wrote and wrote and still have not finished it. However, I have most of it finished. So, here is a mystery, with a side of love, about a brother and sister who go to CA to meet their parents for Thanksgiving and end up trying to find their parents. Let me know what you think.


By Melissa Pasek



It was a cold morning when the number sixteen bus from Wilkesbarre, Pennsylvania pulled into the Harrisburg Airport at 8am on Wednesday.  Brad Collins and his sister Lisa stepped off the bus and walked to the line formed at the ticket counter to get their tickets…

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