Part 1: It Only Takes One Person

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Our Life Is Not Ours, It's God's

It only takes one person, one moment, one word/sentence/phrase, one thought,  one action or reaction.  It only takes one to make a difference, good or bad. I have plenty of examples of these in my life so, I will be doing a series of this topic : “It Only Takes One”.  I pray that I can convey how just one person can do one thing or say one thing that can influence others, either negatively or positively, and how we can handle that through any faith.

Teaching sign      Remember, that I write from my view, my faith, my experiences and that I only want people to take from my writings what may help them. I am a teacher to the core and just hope that what I can teach outside of academics can be a positive influence to my readers.

I encourage you to also read other influential blogs…

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Being Brave In A World of Fear

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Our Life Is Not Ours, It's God's

sign, believe

I tell my students to be brave everyday. Being brave doesn’t always mean running into a burning building or fighting the kid who said anything wrong to you. Being brave means getting out of bed in the morning and staying out of bed. Courage is praying to God everyday that HIS WILL be done, not yours. It takes guts to talk about your faith when you have no idea how people will react, but you stand up for your faith and do it anyway. It takes energy to be brave and courage to spend that energy on chances.

My strength comes from….

Courage means to do and face things that we don’t want to face or make us uncomfortable.

God picks up nobodies and makes somebodies

God takes chances on this human race every day. Shouldn’t we??? We need to pray for courage to take a chance to do his will. If his will is for you to get more involved…

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God Sees Farther Than You

God has plans for U


I know it’s been like almost a year since I sat down and wrote on here, but, I saw that 314 people actually follow me and a few of them check to see if I have written anything new…. I am so sorry I have been failing you. However, when I explain what my year has entailed you may understand.

mhfc-logo   Methodist Home For Children


My work, consumes the majority of my energy. I work with adjudicated children from 9-5. I am the only teacher/educator for 8 youth who have the needs of 18. They come from different schools, at different grades and varying abilities. Some have never done writing before, so I need to teach them how to write essays, reports, even answering in complete sentences seems to be a challenge. None the less, by the time I get home, get the dogs out, feed all 4 of my animals….by dinner time I am spent and all I want to do is play some brain games until 8pm and watch my shows. Sometimes I don’t even get to do that.

United Methodist symbol

My church life was only taking up the other 10% of my energy. Monday night Choir rehearsal and 2 hours at church on Sunday.  In February I was asked to make a presentation at our church’s United Methodist Women’s group about the organization I work for and this led to me being a little more involved in church, just once a month.  Then about August, I got a call. I had put my name on a form as a last resort person to be a leader in the United Methodist Women’s organization at the district level. I was asked to be the district officer for membership, nurturing and outreach. I guess I was trying to find excuses, asking how much time it would take up since 85% of my time and energy go into my teaching. I prayed about it…listened for God to tell me it would be too much…but nothing. I knew he wanted me to do this. I didn’t understand why or even if I would have enough energy to do this but I obeyed and accepted the position. Though the conferences and district meetings I have attended I am starting to see what God wants.

umw    It’s like being part of a sorority that you don’t have to pledge for! It’s so cool! Anyone can join!!!!

Connections! The youth at my home seemed to not be getting any community connections. I saw posts on Facebook about how the other group homes in our organization were getting blankets and supplies from churches and community Colleges. I don’t have those connections…..God saw this and put me in the connections. I now have 38 churches to connect to and 3 of the churches have been showing more involvement with us. One brought sheets and blankets to our youth. Another brought clothes for youth that come in with nothing. Another brings sport balls and gives gift cards for the youth’s  birthdays.

The more meetings I attend the more people in the churches I talk to and the more exposure the Methodist Home For Children gets and therefore the more they may receive! That’s what God’s up to, creating connections of people to care for people of our future.


Duncan and Tabitha

On top of all of that, our animals have changed. If you have been following any of my stories about my animals you will remember we had turkeys for the past 5 years or so. I enjoyed most of them. The last 2 we had were Tabitha and Duncin. Tabitha had survived an attack from her father when she was  5 months old, a masacre of her entire family of 14 when she was a year old, and Then this year as her only daughter sat on a nest in the outer part of the pen and she sat on her nest inside the coop, she only could sit and listen as some animal wedged itself under the fence, grabbed the daughter killing her then dragged her body under the fencing leaving only feathers behind. Tabitha was no good for eating by age 2. She needed a shrink by now.

After all that a friend of ours came to us in August and said that his wife’s parkinson’s was taking a toll on his energy and they needed to move.  Would we take Maddy, their dog.

Here’s some of the back story: He was the father of the only good friend I had down here, Mitzi. She had 2 beautiful dogs, Cosmo and Maddy. both golden retrievers, though Cosmo had wolf in him too, and well trained. In 2011 Mitzi moved to Utah for a change of pace and life, leaving the dogs to her father. He had little energy to comb them every day like they needed, he kept them outside 24/7, he did put the flea spot on them, but his energy had to go to his wife understandably. In 2013 Cosmo died, and at the time, the only reason we came up with was he was in pain from old age (he was 11). Well, with all that in mind my husband and I talked about it and agreed that we would have to find a home for the turkeys and it would really be up to our Chow/shepherd/golden mix, Shilah, who does not like other dogs to get between her and us at all.

Bruce and Shilah                      Maddy 3 days before she came to our home

Well none the less, my husband went to get Maddy, just to see how Shilah would react.

The picture shows what she looked like 3 days before he went and got her. I remember pulling ticks off her jaw. Note to all who own dogs that go outside: make sure the spot treatment is a good one! Also please spend the $33 or so for the 6 tablets that will prevent heart worm.

We knew taking on an older dog with bad hips was a challenge but we could not see her going to a shelter or to someone who would abuse her because she didn’t move fast enough. We knew we were the only ones who knew Maddy and how Mitzi would have wanted her to be taken care of.

4 hours later and a lot of fur cutting due to all the mats, and Maddy started looking like this:

Maddy's 1st night in her new home

This dog is 12 years old but don’t tell her that. Shilah accepted her in 3 days time and now worries about her and plays with her. Maddy just likes to do her own thing, not a mean bone in her body. Shilah can poke at her and take a toy out of her mouth with no reaction. I started to comb her everyday after her breakfast and dinner. after a month it was just after breakfast.

We took her to the vet and got the good news and the challenges. Maddy’s back hips were weak probably not due to dysplasia but rather to Lymes and Ehrlich’s disease. 2 tick born diseases that affect the joints. The vet prescribed antibiotics for this. The good news was that at 12 years old her heart was strong and all her organs were in great shape except for ….the fact that her bloodwork showed heartworms! The vet said that we may have caught it early enough and she was strong enough to go through the 6 month treatment and may beat it, but it would be costly like $800 – $1000. We called the friend to let him know and to see if he was going to follow through with what he said about helping pay for the vet bill….. he couldn’t. So, I started a gofundme site for Maddy and a you caring site to try to offset some of the vet bill costs and some people saw it and gave a little in person, which has helped with about 5% of the bill. We have had to put it all on my visa which we rarely use. Maddy is worth saving, she still loves to play. Here are the links:“>Have a Heart For Maddy is on the you caring site which is a great sight that is free and then there is  //“>Have A Heart For Maddy’s heart  if you can give or share her story please do!


The first treatment was an injection and she had to stay one night. The next month she went in for 2 injections and stayed 2 nights. The day after I got her, she didn’t eat and it was painful for her to get up.

Maddy on Wed. after the vet.

But after that day she was fine. At follow up visit, they said she has minimal damage to her heart but we won’t now until March or April if she is completely cured. That may give us time to get the bill down a hundred or two.

Maddy and Shilah Christmas bows

So, You can understand why I have not been writing very much on here, right?

Let me know what else I can do to keep you all reading my stories……

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and have a blessed New Year!