Being Brave In A World of Fear

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Our Life Is Not Ours, It's God's

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I tell my students to be brave everyday. Being brave doesn’t always mean running into a burning building or fighting the kid who said anything wrong to you. Being brave means getting out of bed in the morning and staying out of bed. Courage is praying to God everyday that HIS WILL be done, not yours. It takes guts to talk about your faith when you have no idea how people will react, but you stand up for your faith and do it anyway. It takes energy to be brave and courage to spend that energy on chances.

My strength comes from….

Courage means to do and face things that we don’t want to face or make us uncomfortable.

God picks up nobodies and makes somebodies

God takes chances on this human race every day. Shouldn’t we??? We need to pray for courage to take a chance to do his will. If his will is for you to get more involved…

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