Part 1: It Only Takes One Person

These were cool!

Our Life Is Not Ours, It's God's

It only takes one person, one moment, one word/sentence/phrase, one thought,  one action or reaction.  It only takes one to make a difference, good or bad. I have plenty of examples of these in my life so, I will be doing a series of this topic : “It Only Takes One”.  I pray that I can convey how just one person can do one thing or say one thing that can influence others, either negatively or positively, and how we can handle that through any faith.

Teaching sign      Remember, that I write from my view, my faith, my experiences and that I only want people to take from my writings what may help them. I am a teacher to the core and just hope that what I can teach outside of academics can be a positive influence to my readers.

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