Blogging For God

I have always said that even though I seem to be a mild mannered teacher,  I really work for God. So, I guess you could say I also blog for God because he wants people to know about these children and this organization I am blessed to work in. He also wants to bring  people together when they connect through this organization. There are many opportunities that God has placed here.

God placed me in a multipurpose residential home for juveniles who have made some bad decisions and a judge has made one good decision for them by sending them to us. We are


We teach skills that we all know but we have broken them down into specific actions. We teach using the “Model of Care”…. it’s like the “catch ’em when their good” but tell them what they’ve done wrong so they can learn how to improve themselves. It’s a more positive and caring way then just locking kids up in a cell.

The organization serves over 1500 youth from age 3 to 23. MHFC helps the families too by in-home services before children grow into troubled teens. This organization matches families with foster children. There is so much more, yet, I personally know only the group home.

Each multipurpose home has a program manager, a Family social service person, a teacher, 6 residential counselors and 2 overnight/away staff. The residential counselors stay with the youth at all times. They are rotated through out the 7 days working 15 hours a day which works out to about 2.5 to 3 days for each team of 2 RC’s. They are my back up and I am theirs. It is a great team effort to work with the youth that come here.

I am the teacher. I work Monday – friday 8:30am until 4 or 5 or 6pm, often hearing the words, “Ms. Pasek, you still here?”  When I first started I didn’t know what to expect. I had great training and a terrific Program Manager who really helped me a lot. I learned from other teachers in the other group homes how they teach and deal with the youth.  I took what I knew from 20+ years of teaching and ideas from  them and created my own curriculum that would be in line with the public school curriculum. I teach grades 6-10th, yet some youth have come to us at much lower academic levels and some very low IQ levels. My curriculum levels the playing field, sort to speak.

I teach 5 subjects, counsel 8 youth, create my own Individual Education Plan (IEP) for each youth, type up transcripts for each youth, make monthly progress reports for each student, and reinforce the skills and values taught in the home.

I tell my youth that  what I do is try to help the public school teachers by teaching them how to behave in class and how to succeed in school so it will be easier for the teachers to teach them.

I have had some successes and some not so successful experiences. I could tell you all about the various stories that come through our home. In the 5+ years I have been teaching I think 100 youth have come through. Out of those, I have heard good things of about 6 – 10. maybe 5 of those have come back to say hi and speak to the new youth.

So, keep your eye out for stories from me and others who work on the “front line”.  If you want to hear about specific things, just ask and I’ll see if I can oblige. Please let me know what you think. Share comments, reblog, or just say hi. Until next time, pray for all our youth and staff.  God Bless!