Easter: Living for a Greater Purpose



What if we were to live our lives the way one Jewish man lived his last 3 years on this Earth? He loved everyone, prayed incessantly, served humbly, spoke boldly and honestly, healed without expectations, took ridicule with dignity, took punishment for sins and crimes he did not commit without complaint, and always did What God told him to do. If we lived like that, there would be less strife, less evil, less crime, less litter, and best of all, less political crap.

If we lived the way Jesus did in his last years on this Earth, we would be living for a bigger reason than ourselves and our family. I’m not saying that we should sell everything we own and roam around the country or the world preaching, though that is a good mission, not everyone has that gift.
I believe that if all the Christians and the Jews, that would be 2,214,500,000 people of faith, lived as Jesus lived in his last years on this Earth, there would be no more ISIS! Think about it, over 2 billion of us against only 200,000 of Satan’s Demons.

God has plans for U
What is the greater purpose? It’s all the stuff that really matters in life. In my own life I think of my grandmother, years ago, picking up trash on her daily walks. I think about how our family would gather at a moments notice for a celebration, a brunch, or just because we were all in church on one Sunday. I think about my husband giving away extra vegetables from our garden to people who could use them. I think about how I can teach my youth everyday about how to live and do the right thing to change their behaviors. I think about how I know I am doing God’s will by teaching. I think about how God has helped me and guided me to where I am today because he had a purpose for me here on Earth that I will probably carry on in heaven.

The greater purpose is part of you. It’s that part that , no matter were you go, you can’t help but do it. It’s almost a reflex. For example, my husband is a caretaker/people helper. No matter where we go he is helping someone with advice or even pulling out the EMT bag and checking them out until 911 arrives. I teach, where ever I go. I can’t help it. It’s either animals or kids my radar picks up.
So, can you do it???? Can you live your life as Jesus did? Can you stand up for what is right? Can you help others? Can you dare to be different then the world and NOT be selfish? Can you be an Easter Person?????