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Mother’s Day, that one day to say thank you to someone who, for 364 days, will love, worry, nag, cry, cheer, pray, and care for you. Mothers come in all shapes, sizes and names.

photo-1 There is, naturally, the “biological mother”, otherwise known as one who carried you in her womb for 9 months then went through anywhere from a few hours to 36 hours of agonizing labor to bring you into this world and won’t let you forget it for at least 60 years of your life.

There is also the “God given mother”. This is the wonderful person who takes a child as their own. Also called the “easiest birth ever”. They may adopt a child or just be their guardian. Some are called mom, grandma, etc…. I call mine, Aunt Judy. She earned the title out of respect and she asked me to call her that long before she took me in.
Another type of “mum” is the “pseudo mother” or a person who acts like a mother but is not a mother themselves. Many teachers fill this title and yet are told, “you don’t have children , you don’t understand”.  mhfc-logo
I had 4 souls who went to live with God, so that he could send me 400 children to care for as a “pseudo mother”. I nag them, pray for them, cheer them on, consequence them when needed and care for them.

Come to think of it you do the same for your pets. 20111025210938  Samba    Image        OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Maddy with sister's ball
So, just remember, mothers come in all shapes, sizes and titles. Honor them everyday, not just on Mother’s Day!
Until next time, God bless you all!!!!


Mothers in Every Form