It Only Takes One: To Spark a Fire


United Methodist symbol

Fire can be a warm thought or a frightening thought. Fire can be a symbol for spiritual passion, sexual passion, or Satan’s home. Fire can be good or not. Fire can be used to help people feel safe to worship without judgement of who they are or what they do or how they live. Fire should bring people together.


What makes a good fire? It’s all in the origin of the spark. Think about it. If one needs a fire to keep warm or to cook with, the spark is a controlled purposeful act. This is the same for a spiritual fire. A passion for God’s work here on earth. The origin of the spark for that needs to be purposeful, not afraid of what other’s will think.


But a fire also has to be tended to and nourished much like us. Everyone wants to be nourished and feel comfortable when worshiping God.  To be part of a support system that God has put together……This is what Spark the Fire is all about.

Spark the Fire of Ahoskie, NC  (or sparkthefireahoskie on Face Book) , is just that. It’s a God purposed, love controlled, Christ following, non judgmental, place where all God’s children can gather to worship God through music and a message.

We have our Traditional service at 11am then at 5pm we have music and message with a welcoming atmosphere, that the televangelists would be jealous of. We are also live streaming the 5pm service, on Face book, so you can always catch us there. I have also volunteered my (non professional) services of sign language to all deaf and hard of hearing individuals. I will keep trying to learn more as I go but some words just don’t have signs or I may not know them…..

group at fire

So, can you be that spark that gets a fire going, so that soon all those around you will warm in it’s glowing. ????? That’s how it is with God’s love, once you’ve experienced it, you can spread his love to everyone…You want to pass the spark on to fuel the fire of faith!